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  • Poverty alleviation and improvement of standard living condition of the most vulnerable groups, through approach to basic rights (Safe Drinking Water, Health, Sanitation, Food production and Education).
  • Promote Peace building, Gender balance, increase Confidence, Integration and Co-operation.
  • Strengthen the capacity and copy mechanism of the local community to deal with man made and natural disaster (Droughts, Flooding).
Get Involved

Take the Initiative – be a Volunteer!
All non profit are supported by volunteers. There are opportunities for everyone. Help Global aid against poverty and become part of our helping team. By remaining silent thousands and thousands suffer and die. By volunteering your time! No matter how much you can, how experienced you are or who you are, your help can make a big difference.
Remember, if you volunteer you make big difference. Employers and even universities look favorably on people who have experience volunteering.  To see what volunteer opportunities’ we have available and to become a volunteer.
1. You can stop by our office or call our volunteer hotline number at 1-888-789-9992, or downloaded some ideas  
2.  You can find us online at

 Think big be creative
Give back to your community, mosque or even university. You can organize Event by inviting speakers from the community of the country. Whatever the event be, as long as it’s permissible, GAAP is always looking for ideas you can share with us by contact us with as much as they can, from support to resources. So what are you waiting for?

Talk about Global aid against poverty
Let people know about the work GAAP is doing through word of mouth recommendations or the distribution of leaflets and posters, which information can be attained at our office 3856 S Othello St Seattle WA, 98178.

Encourage Family and Friends
You can encourage others to donate and sign up to specific projects. Why not get your family members to sponsor an orphan each, or help raise funds with your friends to fund a clinic. If there’s anything you need, just and we’ll support you as much as we can.

Fundraising event
If you have contact with a Mosque, Church, Community Centre, School or Supermarket that will allow us to do a fundraising in their premises then please call us today so we can raise more for the poor.

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