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Latest News

3/01/2012 Global Aid Against Poverty President returns from relief efforts on the Kenyan border and hosts a briefing with local community leaders and philanthropists....(read more)

2/22/2012 Cooking oil and hygiene packs were handed out along with Tents and other outdoor supplies to over 750 families at a refuge camp feeding....(read more)
2/09/2012 Global Aid President on the ground in Somalia arranging the first live global internet telethon for the residents of the largest cross border refuge camp in Kenya....(read more)

12/01/2011 Global Aid Against Poverty Launches new Website ""....(read more)

11/29/2011 Our well was completed today in the Somalian Village "Barawa"....(read more)
11/15/2011 Three tons of rice as well as 5000 med kits were airlifed into Somalia today ....(read more)
  • 1. Poverty alleviation and improvement of standard living condition of the most vulnerable groups, through approach to basic rights (Safe Drinking Water, Health, Sanitation, Food production and Education).
  • 2. Promote Peace building, Gender balance, increase Confidence, Integration and Co-operation.
  • 3. Strengthen the capacity and copy mechanism of the local community to deal with manmade and natural disaster (Droughts, Flooding).
The Work For Food Program

For people in Africa every day is about finding enough food to survive. Poor farmers cannot afford to risk experimenting with new agricultural methods when they can barely subsist on a small patch of land. The unemployed don't have a chance to learn new skills if they spend all day scraping a living on the black market. Poverty-stricken communities hit by floods or droughts are too busy looking for food to rebuild infrastructure vital for redevelopment.

Providing food in exchange for work makes it possible for the poor and hungry to devote time and energy to taking the first steps out of the hunger trap.  This is the goal of GAAP's work for food program.
GAAP has provide Community members  food in exchange for work on vital new infrastructure or for time spent learning new skills that will increase the food security of households or communities. 

Projects include: 

  • Irrigation, terracing, soil and water conservation. In Tanah Delta Kenya where drought has cause food shortages, irrigation can boost crop by 200%.
  •  GAAP offers food assistance for women with HIV AIDS, which are vital to smooth their path back into society.
  • Drought often forces farmers to abandon their farm. GAAP provides food rations to farmers who practice soil conservation and agree to resume their farming.
  • To help communities develop, GAAP sometimes helps people in villages to build new schools. They receive food, so they can devote time to the building work without worry about losing income.
  • GAAP helps people set up home gardening businesses by giving them food assistance as they train. This means later they have a livelihood with which to support themselves..
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